vegan food is everywhere…well almost!

vegan food is everywhere…well almost!

I love that fully vegan restaurants and shops exist, but I also find great pleasure every time I find vegan food in unexpected places. For me it is a sign we are becoming mainstream.

I had one such experience recently when I was in the shopping centre in Doncaster. I had headed out there to go to the Apple Store and things took slightly longer than I expected.  By the time I was leaving to go home I needed some sort of snack to ward off hunger.

I didn’t want to eat chips – I’ve eaten more chips as a vegan than I did in a lifetime of being an omni, as so often they are the only choice.

Just as I was despairing of finding anything remotely vegan (other than chips) in a large shopping centre, I walked past Joy Cupcakes. In amongst the regular cakes, they had several vegan ones and a prominent sign to let me know. They also make gluten free cupcakes, and there are even some that are both vegan and gluten free.

I grabbed two flavours because I couldn’t decide, a  Red Velvet and an Orange with Popcorn. Both delicious and with a good texture.

A nice find in the middle of otherwise unlikely vegan territory.


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  • I was similarly excited when I was at Doncaster earlier this year. However the girl serving warned me that I was ordering a vegan one! (Not in a good way. In a ‘these are substandard and you’d be crazy to order one’ way.) Kind of turned me off the company! (Though I realize she was just a misinformed teenager.)

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