Travel, food and Vegan MoFo wrap up

Travel, food and Vegan MoFo wrap up

What a month! I am not sure what possessed me to think that doing Vegan Mofo while travelling in the USA for the whole month was a good idea. On the plus side, I had plenty of restaurants to write up, because I was eating out two or three times a day.  But I hadn’t counted on the pressure of writing up almost every day, as well as the problems of flaky wifi that made loading photos a complete pest. Funnily, until I got to Chicago, my best wifi was on an Amtrak train. In other places I had to stand in a particular corner of the room to get a signal.

I managed 19 posts for the month, which I think technically makes me a Vegan Mofo fail, but I cannot imagine doing any more! 🙂

Wrapping it all up, there was some great food, a few surprises and very few disappointments.

So here are my favourite food “Oscars” for the trip.

Most unexpected pleasure

Beyond Sushi – NY

Who would have thought sushi could be so sensational?

Best fine dining experience

Millennium, San Francisco

Great food, great service and a bargain at the price.

Best Comfort Food

Karyn’s Cooked, Chicago

Meatloaf, potatoes and gravy…yum.

Best Chain Restaurant 

Native Foods Cafe, Chicago

Burgers and sandwiches that hit the spot.

Best Diner/Sandwich Bar

Champ’s Diner, Brooklyn

Love at first bite. Breakfast done perfectly.

Best Pizza

Dimo’s Pizza, Chicago and Two Boots, NYC

A draw, but completely different. Dimo’s has a thicker crust and more variety, but Two Boots does an impeccable thin crust vegan slice.

And also…

Gracias Madre – San Francisco,  Mana Food Bar – Chicago, Karyn’s on Green – Chicago, Merge – Buffalo and last, but not least, Caffe Streets wonderful coffee – Chicago.

And finally, a big thanks to  the non vegan places that gave it a go in non-vegan territory in Western Pennsylvania

Hometown Diner and The Italian Oven in Connellsville, PA, Cafe Connections in Ligonier, PA, and the Connellsville Bed and Breakfast. They fed us well, against the odds.

So that’s me signing off from Vegan Mofo 2014. I’m taking a few days off from blogging, phew!

I’m looking forward to cooking again after a month of eating out.





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