the promise of spring

the promise of spring

I love spring.

I love the longer days, the change of light and warmth and the new growth in the garden. But most of all, I love the hope and promise it brings after the grey winter.

Right now my garden is full of tiny fruits and vegetables that are bursting out everywhere. Some I can eat now, and some will be ready in a few weeks or months. Some I have waited patiently for my first crop, like cherries, artichokes and asparagus, while others are making a welcome return like peaches and apples.

This season I converted my raised beds to wicking beds, which are basically gigantic self watering pots. They are miraculous. They use very little water and remain moist all the time. The growth in the veggies is phenomenal. I’ve never had silver beet with leaves 30cm wide.

Here is a photo tour of my garden at the moment.

Roses, a veggie bed with lettuces, leeks, kale and some tomato seedlings, gigantic silver beet, tiny limes, new leaves on the kaffir lime, artichokes and asparagus.

Strawberries, teeny pears, loganberries, raspberries, cherries(!), grapes, apples and quinces.

Here’s to spring!


5 thoughts on “the promise of spring”

  • how fantastic! I’m planning my garden and was going for the no-dig I did last time (which worked well) but I’m looking in to wicking beds so it’s great to read you’re having such success 😀

  • Hey Rosalie I’ve been really enjoying your blog and trying the occasional recipe with great results! Your garden looks beautiful and how exciting watching all the fruits and berries ripen ready for eating. I would love to know more about how you prepared your wicking garden beds. Could that be a blog topic perhaps…

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