summer garden wrap up

summer garden wrap up

It has been an odd summer in the garden, not really super hot like last year, although February isn’t over yet.  I’ve used far less water, partly due to some welcome rain, and partly due my wonderful new wicking beds. These work on the self watering principle and they use a lot less water than other watering systems. My rainwater tanks also haven’t run dry like they usually do.

My tomatoes are finishing up earlier than usual, and are making way for a second crop of beans and beetroot before the autumn and winter planting of kale, broad beans and peas.

new beans planted

I had a smaller crop of peaches this year due to my aggressive winter pruning of the tree, so I only ate them fresh and had no excess for preserving. But luckily my neighbours have an apricot tree that had an absolutely bumper year. I preserved about 25 jars of them and split them between us. They also made jam and I have several jars in my cupboard that they gave me.

preserved apricots

This year I let the self-sown pumpkins survive and I have surrendered most of the back yard to them as they ramble over everything. I’ve been rewarded with several large pumpkins. I have harvested one already and I can spy at least another six under the vines, so there will be some pumpkin recipes coming!


I also have a big crop of eggplant and peppers, which is very exciting as I have never had a lot of success with them. I put this down to my wicking beds keeping them constantly moist.

My zucchini plants have succumbed to mildew and, being a glutton for punishment, I have planted a few more plants so I can get some more before the season is over.

I am currently awash with tomatoes and I’ve been eating them roasted, fresh, with beans and over pasta. I will make some kasoundi with the last of them.

And today I ate my very first (and only) bunch of grapes from my vine. 🙂


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  • What a fantastic haul! I’d hoped this would be the year I’d have my summer garden but looks like I have to wait for next summer. I went to an Open Gardens house the other day and got some inspiration 🙂

    • Cate, I can’t imagine life without a garden. My favourite thing is eating a meal made entirely from my garden. I’m looking forward to sugar snap peas, broad beans and kale in winter.

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