Polymath Park, Kentuck Knob and not very much vegan food at all

Polymath Park, Kentuck Knob and not very much vegan food at all

Today was probably the worst day ever for vegan food finding. The kind of day where you feel like the weirdo, the only vegan in the village, and that’s because you are.

It started out well with a good breakfast from our lovely B&B hosts.

After that we headed off Polymath Park, a site which contains three houses, two by Wright apprentices and one by Frank himself. All three houses were ok, with the Wright Duncan house being by far the best. But even this wasn’t his greatest. These houses were built to a budget and Wright did his best work when spending truckloads of other people’s money.

Then on to lunch, oh dear! We had a plan to get to a bar in Ohiopyle where we’d had a coffee the previous day. Sadly,it was inexplicably closed. We knew that we’d have been able to get something there. Even though nothing was vegan on the menu, there were lots of vegan bits and pieces there to assemble into a meal. The woman who ran it was friendly and seemed like she’d have been up for the challenge.

We went instead to slightly dodgy place, with many veg options (to give them credit) but fairly ordinary food dripping with oil. Fuel rather than pleasure and not enough of it to keep us going. The day was hot and by now I was indulging in vegan fantasy #413 where we happen upon a vegan ice cream truck as we round the corner. It didn’t happen. Not in rural Pennsylvania, in a town with a population of 56.

After our very, very disappointing lunch we went to Kentuck Knob, another Wright designed house, this one with way more budget. Though modest, it was beautiful. Unfortunately no interior photography allowed.

For dinner, unable to stand any more meal disappointments we opted again for the Italian Oven, some pasta and a cheeseless veggie pizza.



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