late autumn in the garden

late autumn in the garden

It’s late autumn and all the hard work of preparing my garden after the summer harvest is now done.

That included removing all of the old plants, chopping them up for composting and then shovelling barrow loads of old compost onto the beds, spreading rock dust and digging it all in.

But it doesn’t mean the garden is bare. I’ve put new plants in, lots of winter greens, broadbeans, spinach, silverbeet and peas and I have some others growing in a seedling tray ready to be planted out in a couple of weeks.

I find winter a bit grim, with short days and cold weather, but there is always the promise shown by shooting greens of good things to come. The other is the upside of comfort food. There will be plenty of food for soups, stir fries and pasta during the next couple of months.

My neighbour’s climbing rose is also putting on a beautiful unseasonal display and is spilling over my fence.

That’s enough to make anyone happy.

Here are some photos.

Kaffir Lime leaves 
kaffir lime leaves




Broad beans
broad bean seedlings

Lettuce, rapini, red kale and cabbage seedlings

My first lime!lime


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