yong green food

yong green food

I had dinner at Yong Green Food with some friends in November and forgot to write it up until now. I had lunch with one of those friends recently and she reminded me that I hadn’t written a blog post about it. So here it is.

To be honest I have mixed feelings about my first visit to Yong. The place is jumping and busy all the time. Everybody seems to love it and rave about it. I had looked forward to it and had high expectations which is always a hurdle in itself.

It is a big menu ranging over a number of cuisines with both raw and cooked food on offer. Some of the food I ate was good, other dishes just OK. Perhaps I just chose badly. I definitely will go back as there is plenty on the menu to tempt me. But a couple of the dishes were a bit hit and miss.

We shared some entrees and dessert but we each opted for our own main course.

Here’s what we had:


Hard to go wrong, but not the best or worst nachos I’ve ever had. We ordered these so we could have something to snack on with our drinks while we sorted out what we were eating.


Kimchi Gyoza

I could have eaten several serves of these all on my own. I have never met a dumpling I didn’t like but these were special. Definitely a hit.

kimchi gyoza

King mushroom “calamari”

I had high expectations of this dish but it didn’t have a lot of taste and the texture was pretty tough.  Definitely a miss for all of us,  apart from the sauce which was delicious.

mushroom calamari


Katsu Don

I ordered this on the basis that anything with panko breadcrumbs cannot be bad. I liked it but the croquette was pretty stodgy and probably more suited to winter.

My friends ordered the Dragon rice bowl and the Macro dragon rice bowl and they raved.


White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

Spectacular dessert. I think this is where raw food shines.



I’d call it a solid performance. I will be back.

Yong Green Food
421 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
9417 3338



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  • I want to like this place, but it’s consistently inconsistent. One can’t choose badly, everything should be good or it shouldn’t be on the menu, I reckon 🙂

    • Yes I know what you mean. I wanted to like it too as I had heard so much praise. I will give it another go if only to eat the kimchi dumplings again!

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