vegan supermarket soups

vegan supermarket soups

I love it when I find vegan things in the regular supermarket. I’m a big fan of mainstream adoption of vegan products, as it means that these products get seen and used by everyone, not just vegans. Don’t get me wrong, I love specialist vegan shops, but most non vegans are not going to go into one.

Normally I’m not fond of a lot of prepared package food, it often tastes awful, so I was really pleased and surprised when a friend introduced me to these soups that are available in Woolworths. They are so delicious that I ate them all weekend on a recent visit to her place and bought some when I returned home.

The brand is Hart and Soul and the vegan ones come in two varieties, a Thai flavoured coconut and pumpkin, and an Indian flavoured coconut, lentil, sweet potato and capsicum. There are no nasty ingredients in them. I’m having a hard time deciding on my favourite. Every time I eat one I think that is my favourite until I eat the other.

They’ve been perfect the last few days while I’ve had a cold.


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  • I love randomly vegan things in supermarkets! I haven’t seen these before. I recently bit my tongue so hard I had a giant ulcer for two weeks and had to live on soup, and most supermarket soups are definitely not that great.

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