vegan comfort food around town

vegan comfort food around town

Last week I went to the Aztecs exhibition at the Museum and when I left I was hungry and craving Mexican food… 🙂

I headed off to Trippy Taco to get my fill, only to find that they were closed that day! By then I was beyond hungry, so I headed around the corner to Las Vegan. Luckily they have a couple of Tex-Mex items on the menu as I was nursing a serious Mexican food obsession by this point.  I settled on the quesadilla. Black beans, salsa, cheese, sour cream and guacamole in a tortilla. All vegan. Yum.  I was starving and it really hit the spot. Las Vegan does a range of other home style comfort foods as well as good range of cakes. All their food is vegan.

Later that week I decided to check out the Northcote branch of Loving Hut. I have to say I like this branch much better than the Richmond one, as there is no grand master TV beaming from the wall. Based on what I ate that day, I think the food is better too.  Like all Loving Hut cafes the food is all vegan as well.

I chose some spring rolls which were beautifully crunchy, followed by a good curry laksa packed with fried eggplant, “prawns” and fried tofu. Also good.

Neither of these places is ever going to scale great heights for fine dining, but they do decent home-style comfort food at a reasonable price and I love that they exist. Not having to interrogate the waiter about what is and isn’t vegan, makes dining very relaxing.

The food equivalent of a comfy chair.


Las Vegan Cafe
22 Smith St,
Collingwood, 3066

Loving Hut Northcote
377-379 High St,
Northcote, 3070


2 thoughts on “vegan comfort food around town”

  • Hi Rosalie,

    How I envy your access to so many vegan eateries. I live in the rural Southern Highlands of NSW and ‘vegan’ is rather a swear word around these parts. My heart aches at the impending doom of the darling bovines that dot the scenery, not to mention all the other critters that I see every day. Maybe I should move to Melbourne? I always love your blog entries. Thanks for making me smile! Nina.

    • Yes we are so lucky in Melbourne with vegan food. I live in the north which is particularly vegan friendly. I have amazing respect for people who are vegan and live in farming communities, it must be so hard.

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