true north

true north

Another day, another breakfast.

I’ve been a bit sick of my breakfast rut recently and so I decided I’d go out. It also had to be somewhere new. What’s the point of getting out of an “at home” rut and falling into an “eating the same thing at the same café” rut?

So this time I headed to True North in Coburg. I’d heard some good things about it from my finger-on-the-pulse Coburg friends, and Coburg is so hip these days it could not go wrong. 🙂

The café is a smallish cosy place and it has booths, which makes it a winner in my book. There are a good number of well-marked vegan options on the menu.

I chose the Breakfast Roll even though I wanted several other things, none of which I can now remember, except a BLT.

The roll itself was a beautiful crunchy sourdough that came from Rustica Bakery in Fitzroy.  I loved it so much that I went home afterwards via the bakery and bought some of their bread. 🙂

But back to the cafe…the roll came with bubble and squeak, facon, avocado, rocket and tomato relish. Good, good, good. I’m not sure if the bubble and squeak varies according to what is left over, but mine had nice bits of sauerkraut in it.  This  was delicious and contrasted so well with the smoky flavour of the facon and the smoothness of the avocado. The coffee was also excellent.

I need to go back, so I guess I’ll have to get stuck in a new breakfast rut at True North and eat my way through the rest of the menu.


True North
2a Munro St
Coburg, 3058
9917 2262


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  • that sounds great – didn’t know this could be veganised – I think my partner had one with egg and bacon but next time I am there I might have to try it – I have had the blt and it was yummy – I love how crisp their facon is

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