transformer 2

transformer 2

I had the absolute pleasure of eating at Transformer again last night. Like last time, we opted for the ‘Feed Me’ option, which is a bargain at $45. I hadn’t really intended to blog the dinner because I just wanted to relax and enjoy the company of a couple of interstate friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. I didn’t take any photos except for one – dessert.

This time I was prepared to call an earlier halt to the endless parade of dishes in order to leave room for dessert.  I am so glad I did. Even though we had stopped after about 7 or 8 plates, we were still pretty full, so we opted to share one dessert between the three of us. We chose the brownie.

This brownie comes beautifully presented with chocolate ganache, soil, salted coconut icecream and cherry gel. It is rich, but not too sweet and the sour cherry gel is a fantastic foil to the richness.

I felt like the dessert deserved a post all its own, so here it is.

I’m about to head overseas for five weeks, so stay tuned for lots of travelling and eating posts from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and China.

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  • I went to Transformer with my fam for a bday dinner and did the feed me option. I think it was $55 due to it being a Saturday. There were some really lovely and inventive dishes, though to be honest we felt a little hungry still when they brought out the last one (though we weren’t given the option of endless plates? We were just told when it finished, which I think was after about 7 dishes including popcorn). We shared some desserts afterwards, and all were hooked on this brownie – the textures were incredible! I would go back just to eat this 🙂

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