the duck inn and yulli’s

the duck inn and yulli’s

On the Saturday of our Sydney visit we dropped into The Duck Inn pub for a beer and a snack after a visit to the theatre at the Seymour Centre across the road.

All I can say about the Duck Inn is I wish it was my local! Good beer, good bar snacks and games to play in a light and airy space. Great for lounging. Not really a vegan menu for a full meal but we were not dining, so it was no big deal for us.

sydney pub roasted veg wedgesbeer and cardsduck in inside

For dinner we met up with some friends at Yulli’s in Surry Hills. Yulli’s is a bar and vegetarian restaurant with lots of tasty vegan options on the menu and a good range of craft beers.

We ordered a variety of entrees to share and then each ordered our own mains.

The Entrees

zucchini flowers stuffed with barley, persimmon and green tea

I don’t think all of the sauces were vegan, we forgot to ask. But the zucchini were delicious without the sauce. There was some discussion about the barley filling, with the table evenly divided between barley lovers and haters. I love it. 🙂

zucchini flowers


money bags with edamame and coconut

We all agreed this was the best!

money bags


leek and ginger dumplings

Delicious too.



Main Courses

udon noodles, king oyster and shiitake mushrooms, wing beans and veggies stir-fried in a sake and soy sauce

I tasted this and had food envy, I liked it more than mine.



grilled bok choy, baby corn, asparagus and beans topped with tofu skins and served with brown rice and a chilli jam

I did like this, but not as much as the noodles.

veg with chilli jam


My only complaint about Yulli’s is that the tables are uncomfortably low for dining. Other than that the food and atmosphere were both excellent.

The Duck Inn
74 Rose St,  Chippendale, NSW
(02) 9319 4415
417 Crown St, Surry Hills, NSW
(02) 9319 6609

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