the cornish arms

the cornish arms

I have a confession to make. It may be hard to believe, but I am a northern suburbs vegan who has never been to the Cornish Arms…until now.

I had a quick after work dinner and catchup with a friend, and was pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why, but I’d imagined the Cornish Arms as a dingy, sticky carpet kind of place. In fact it is open and airy.  There’s lots to choose from on a separate vegan menu – a good range of pub food classics, as well as pizzas, burgers and desserts.

It is not something I’d eat every day, but sometimes a pub meal just hits the spot. This is pretty good quality junk food. The servings are enormous, so go hungry.

I had the vegan fish and chips, a tofu seaweed combo in a voluminous crispy batter, which I really enjoyed. The tofu was a good texture and made a fairly satisfying “fish”. It came with great chips and a generous serve of tartare sauce.

My friend had the steak sandwich. The mock meat in this was ‘duck’ and was delicious. It came with facon and cheese, though I think it would have been nicer without the cheese. But then I think most vegan cheeses are awful. It also came with some well cooked crumbed eggplant discs. The bread however was whiter than white. A decent sourdough would have lifted this to greater heights.

But those small grumbles aside, all in all a good standby place for a pub meal. Not fine dining, but thoroughly enjoyable.

vegan steak sandwich

The Cornish Arms
163A Sydney Road
Brunswick, 3056


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