I’ve been in the city at lunchtime on a few days recently, so I finally made it to Supercharger, not one, not two, but three times in quick succession.  I have wanted to go since I first heard about it. It is always nice to see a new vegan place and, while this is not fine dining, it is high quality, good to eat food.

Supercharger is a vegan ‘build your own’ bowl eatery in the food court on the 3rd level of Emporium in Lonsdale Street. Don’t shudder, this is no ordinary food court. It has decent furniture, some large shared tables and a great view of some of the newer modern architecture and the rooftops if you are near the large windows. Another plus is that the meals come in real china bowls, not takeaway containers (unless you’re taking away).

I’m a big fan of the bowl meal, usually a grain or other carb with various toppings. They’re healthy, fresh and delicious. The bowls at Supercharger start at $12 for a base with 4 toppings and range up to $14 for six. The toppings are categorised into smashes, raws, fermented, simmered, proteins and sauces.

On my first visit I settled for brown rice, black beans with corn and roasted capsicum, a cauliflower and lentil curry, ginger broth braised mushrooms and some herbed seitan.

On the second visit the menu had changed slightly. I was so hungry I ate 3/4 of my bowl before I remembered I should have photographed it. I had brown rice, this time with the black beans, corn, capsicum combo again, along with an avocado and pea smash with coconut oil and lime, some mashed pumpkin with black sesame seeds, lightly pickled cauliflower with black sesame seeds, and a yellow split pea dhal.

On my third, I went again for the brown rice, pumpkin, blackbean/corn/capsicum combo, this time with a cumin spiced puree of peas and kale, cauliflower with turmeric and lentils and some grated cooked sweet potato with pepitas. Again half eaten…oops.

Everything was delicious and filling. I’d probably skip the cauliflower pickle next time, it was OK, but not a patch on all the other toppings which I really enjoyed.

They also do smoothies, juices and desserts.

I think I will be back AGAIN to try every topping on the menu.

Level 3 Food Court at Emporium
287 Lonsdale St
Melbourne, 3000.


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