successful sprouts!

successful sprouts!

I love bean sprouts, but I have to admit I suck at making them. I don’t like buying them because of the packaging.

I’ve tried lots of methods of making sprouts, from the good old-fashioned jar with some net, to a hessian sprout bag. They almost always end up manky. This is absolutely my fault – I always forget to rinse them enough.

I BRIEFLY considered (for about one nanosecond) a top end auto rinsing model, designed for the completely sprout challenged. I dismissed it as ridiculous at a couple of hundred dollars. Really, it shouldn’t require a technological marvel to make sprouts. It should be fairly simple. Shouldn’t it?

But with failure after failure I’d pretty much abandoned hope until…

Enter my new kitchen toy, perfect for the lazy or forgetful person – an Easy Sprout sprout maker that promises no need for rinsing. I have to say I thought it was too good to be true, but it really isn’t.

Let me be clear – I think it is outrageously priced (around $40 for a few bits of plastic). But for what it does, it is a bargain. The theory is that the double walled construction holds the heat and moisture needed to sprout successfully. The heat is generated by the sprouts themselves and the moisture is retained, but in the outer container.  And it does work!

All you need to do is to soak the seeds for a few hours or overnight, rinse once and leave them alone. You can rinse them again if you like. I did this twice during the 5 days when I noticed the sprouter on the bench, but it is very forgiving. The only reason I can see why you might want to rinse, is to redistribute the seeds from the bottom of the container, to give them a better chance at sprouting more evenly. Even I can remember to do that.

So far I’ve made alfalfa, mung bean and lentil sprouts. All successfully.

I cannot speak highly enough of this sprouter.  I got mine from Sprout.





4 thoughts on “successful sprouts!”

  • I’m a bit sprout-challenged too. I bought one of those jars that sits on a tilt (to drain) and has a lid with holes. It’s OK, but as you say, I still need to remember to rinse them! In the end I just lost interest. This looks like a good alternative. Maybe sprouts will be my next project after cashew cheese. 🙂

    • It is definitely working for me. I still rinse mine occasionally, even though it isn’t necessary. but not religiously and they have all turned out fabulously. I’m on my 4th batch with no drama. My current favourite is lentils, they are so delicious. I’ve been eating them with peanut butter or hummus on toast for breakfast.

    • Sadly I have forgotten mine more than a few times, more like 9 times out of 10. What I love about this particular overpriced piece of plastic is that it is perfect for a forgetful sprout challenged person like me! 🙂

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