ray’s vegan mezze night

ray’s vegan mezze night

Last Thursday our vegan dining group (all 25 of us!) headed to Ray’s to sample their Thursday night $30 vegan mezze.

At $30 for five (multi dish) courses it was a bargain. Not every dish was a knockout, in fact one was downright dull, but a couple were terrific.

The nice thing is, having seen a couple of other reviews on Facebook and by other bloggers, it is clear that the chefs are varying what they serve and giving some thought to it.

Here’s what we ate:

One – Tamari Roasted Almonds, Chilli Marinated Olives

These were both delicious, perfect with my beer on a warm night.

Two – Edamame, Sweet Potato Crisps with Chipotle Mayo

Again, a couple of excellent beer snack style palate starters.

Three – Roasted Corn, Pickled Vegetables

The corn was excellent. Normally I’d whine about pickled vegetables, everyone is doing them these days, sometimes not very well, but these were both beautiful and delicious. I’d happily have devoured the whole plate.

Four – Crispy Kimchi Chicken Tacos, Tomato salad with “Parmesan” and a cucumber dressing

This course was a mixed experience. The tacos were great, an explosion of flavours and textures, but the salad was a complete failure. It just tasted like nothing. The tomatoes weren’t great and they tasted like there was no seasoning in there at all. The only real failure for the night though.

Five – Fig and Strawberry palate cleanser, Chocolate Dessert

The palate cleanser was OK, but I am not really qualified to judge, as I loathe figs. I wish I liked them, but I don’t.

The chocolate dessert on the other hand was wonderful, rich, cold and warm,soft and crunchy sensations all in one. A great end to the meal.


Good food, not faultless, but for $30 an absolute bargain. I’d happily return.

Ray’s Cafe
332 Victoria St,
Brunswick VIC 3056
03 9380 8593



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