Maha Go – Lockdown Luxury

Maha Go – Lockdown Luxury

I haven’t written a post for a long time,  but now that I am locked down (again), I can’t really use the excuse that I have no time.

The pandemic has wrecked the hospitality industry and it is sad to see many places go under. Some have been better resourced and more agile than others and better able to survive.

I’ve been eating at home alone for the last few months,  so I decided it was time to treat myself with a night out – in.

I ordered from Maha Go which delivers through Providoor (They have a number of other great restaurants for delivery too). This isn’t a normal food delivery service like Uber Eats. In this case the food comes partially prepared and you need to finish it at home. Somewhere between takeaway and a meal box. It arrived in the wee small hours and was waiting on my doorstep in the morning.

I ordered a roasted pumpkin moghrabieh (the big pearl couscous), with preserved lemon, smoked almond and mint, green beans with garlic and zataar, some hummus and Iraqi bread.  Not super cheap at $62 including $16.50 delivery but it lasted me for three delicious meals! And  if you think $16.50 for delivery is steep, it is probably a better representation of what it costs to deliver so the drivers are being paid properly.

Anyway back to the food.

It arrived in a small cardboard box with an ice pack. The two main dishes were in vacuum sealed pouches.

beans and pumpkin couscous

It comes with instructions for all the dishes they deliver.

instructions for cooking

Here is the hummus and bread plated up. I nuked the bread for 10 secs so it was warm.

hummus and iraqi flatbread

The beans and couscous were fabulous, spicy and complex, with a nice contrast of textures from the soft pumpkin and slightly chewy couscous, through to the crispy beans.


beans and pumpkin couscous


It was really delicious, as you’d expect from Maha, and a welcome change from my own cooking. I’ll try some of the other restaurants too.

A big thumbs up.


2 thoughts on “Maha Go – Lockdown Luxury”

  • What a great idea! I haven’t seen anything like that in Brisbane. You either order delivery from a restaurant, or some meal box subscriptions have vegan options, but this is a nice middle ground that also lets you support a vegan business. Love it!

  • It seems to be a pandemic related thing. Restaurants have pivoted to do everything they can survive during lockdown. Maha isn’t a vegan only restaurant, but they are a restaurant that treats vegans very well.

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