I woke up very late the other morning and was wondering about what to have for breakfast. I’d read a review of Maddox at Where’s the Beef? the day before and decided I’d go there. I’m glad I did.

There aren’t a lot of vegan choices on the menu, just one, but some of the vegetarian options could be easily veganised and the waiter was helpful in making some suggestions.  The one vegan choice looked great, so I decided to go for that.

It was a dish of swiss brown and enoki mushrooms, spinach and wafer thin slivers of tofu resting on thick slices of perfectly cooked fried potato. The dish had a nice hit of asian flavours – sesame, garlic and soy, garnished with shredded spring onions and white and black sesame seeds. Delicious, and with a bit more finesse than usual in some breakfasts.

There are lots of delicious cakes in the display case, some of which are vegan. I was too full to try any but they looked good. The coffee was excellent too.


295 Sydney Road
Brunswick, 3056
9041 5650


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