mad hatter cupcakery

mad hatter cupcakery

On the Sunday of the great Sydney long weekend visit we headed to Darlinghurst in the afternoon to sample the treats at the Mad Hatter Cupcakery – billed as Australia’s first plant based patisserie.  It is most definitely the best I have tried. We almost missed the shop as it is tiny,  and this branch is discreetly called the MH Studio with no hint it is vegan. There is also a shop in the Broadway Shopping Centre. We certainly had our fill of sweet treats before swearing off sugar for FebFast.

mad hatter 3mad hatter 2

We spent an unhurried hour and a half in the welcoming, light space, eating cakes, pastries and sandwiches, reading and chatting to the lovely Jessica who runs the bakery.

We sampled quite a few items! 🙂 A croissant, a blueberry and pistachio danish (the last, I thought I was going to have to arm wrestle another customer for it!), a blackberry and lemon tart, a sandwich of caramelised carrot, pickled beans and some other delicious stuff I can’t remember on good multigrain bread. All delicious. The pastry on the tart was sensational. Honestly it was all sensational. Especially the danish, and the croissant and the tart…Hey Jessica, do you want to open a Melbourne Branch?

Here are some pictures of the food to admire.

tea and cakes lemon tart with blackberries croissants cakecaramelised carrot sandwich



Mad Hatter Cupcakery – MH Studio
24 Flinders St
Darlinghurst, NSW

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