lunch with friends – the great souvlaki taste off

lunch with friends – the great souvlaki taste off

Last weekend I headed out of Melbourne to Kyneton to have lunch with some friends. We ate the most delicious food. We sat out in the garden underneath a beautiful large tree. Underneath the table, the chooks clucked and the dogs lounged, both of them hopeful for dropped morsels.

The lunch had been suggested months ago when I reviewed the Smith & Deli souvlaki. Jokingly (or perhaps not) a new friend who I had met at a party recently suggested I had to try hers. So months later, here we were assembled for the great souvlaki taste off.

Since then, she has opened a vegan food service called Mrs Monagle’s Ethical Fine Food.

This post was never intended to be a review of the business, but since I’ve tasted the food, I feel like people need to know about it. This is great vegan food.

I am happy to recommend her food based on my lunch as well as the food I ate at the party previously.

souvlaki ingredients

The souvlaki were delicious, served DIY style in pita with almond feta, tomatoes, salad and vegan tzatziki. It is a hard call as to the winning souvlaki, so I think I’m going to wimp out and call it a tie. They are equal but different.

I’m very fussy about my seitan and I think the texture on this one was utterly perfect and definitely the winner. Soft, chewy and crunchy all at the same time. And while it was deliciously seasoned, I’d probably give the edge to the S&D one for the chilli hit.  I’m being picky and being forced to critique them though. I’d happily eat both any time. Even on the same day.

We also had delicious vanilla slices with proper traditional passionfruit icing and HOT JAM DONUTS! Sorry for shouting but they were sensational. Call me a glutton, I ate three. I fear if there had been more I would have eaten them too! 🙂

A lovely day with friends.


Mrs Monagle’s Ethical Fine Food



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