kopps and viasko – the Berlin vegan brunch battle

kopps and viasko – the Berlin vegan brunch battle

I ate brunch at Kopps on Saturday and Viasko on the Sunday while I was in Berlin for a week. Many people have sung the praises of both. I had to try them. Both are good.

The range is possibly slightly less at Kopps, but who is complaining when we are talking more than 30 dishes? There’s no way you could eat them all anyway.

Kopps brunch

The ambiance of the two places is very different. Kopps is light and spacious with a modern feel, while Viasko is gritty, grungy and dark. The crowds are very different too, I don’t think I saw a single tattoo at Kopps. 🙂

I sat outside in a pleasant sunken courtyard with greenery all round at Viasko, I don’t think I’d have stayed as long as I did if I’d been indoors. It was pretty dark. Perhaps I’m just getting a bit too old for the grunge vibe.

The food was good at both places but I have to give the win to Kopps for their more refined food and atmosphere and in particular the magnificent baked layered potato and sweet potato dish. I had two serves. Pancakes were excellent at Kopps too. But Viasko had a fabulous chocolate mousse and excellent spring rolls. The bread was better at Kopps too. Neither of them do decent coffee, but nobody does in Germany, apart from a couple of specialists.

Sadly, I was so excited by the food at Kopps that I completely forgot to photograph it and took a couple of hasty snaps of my half eaten dessert plate and some of the buffet on the way out. I’ve shamelessly taken a photo of the buffet from their Facebook page to show what it looks like as my photos don’t do it justice at all.

It was too dark to photograph the buffet at Viasko, so I just snapped a couple of my plates.

I’m declaring Kopps the winner by a fair margin, both for refinement in food and the atmosphere. I’m back there for dinner soon too.

Linienstraße 94
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Viasko – Bar & Restaurant
Erkelenzdamm 49
10999 Berlin


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