eat all the smith & deli sandwiches – #5, club sandwiches not seals

eat all the smith & deli sandwiches – #5, club sandwiches not seals

Day 5.

This sandwich is my least favourite so far. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it, it just has many competitors. And not because it isn’t good, it is. But I think it would be so much better in the summer time with really ripe tomatoes. Tomatoes in the middle of winter aren’t really great.

It is so generously filled that I had trouble getting it to stand up to be photographed.

bacon on the club sandwich

The bacon is scarily good both and texture and taste and the mayo and cheese are great. It is  the turkey I’m a bit ambivalent about because it has that slight underlying gluten flour flavour which I don’t like (ok, so I am fussy). It is quite exposed in this sandwich. I think the really ripe tomatoes would help, so I’ll be giving it another go in summer.


Smith & Deli
111 Moor St
Fitzroy, 3065



7 thoughts on “eat all the smith & deli sandwiches – #5, club sandwiches not seals”

  • I’m really loving your MoFo theme, Rosalie. I’m so glad you went with it, even though they had all the new guidelines, or suggestions, or whatever they are! These reviews are going to make it much easier for me to choose next time I visit Smith & Deli. Whenever I’m going to pick up sandwiches, the kids and I spend about 45 minutes reading the menu, because we just can’t decide. (and then I get texts to say they’ve changed their minds!) I’ve only had 3 of their sandwiches. I’m waiting to see what you think of my favourite, so far. You haven’t covered it yet.

    • I’m intrigued as to what your favourite is. I have about 5 so far. Some I have eaten more than once, even though I should be pressing on with the research. I’m down to what I would consider my least likely to choose last 10 and I have been really surprised by a couple I didn’t expect to love but I did. Stay tuned. I just rebelled on Mofo, I had invested far too much time, money and calories in the theme to abandon it. They seem to have relented anyway.

  • I really like club sandwiches, but I have had some pretty good ones (including the one from Wayward earlier this year, which is the best club ever), so I can probably knock this one off my short list for October.

  • A friend of mine had this and thought it odd that a vegan place gave her a meat sandwich – I had to explain it was fake meat 🙂

    It is a treat to be able to have so many vegan sandwiches that merely a good one is not the most exciting food on offer

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