eat all the smith & deli sandwiches – #17, anaphylaxis of evil

eat all the smith & deli sandwiches – #17, anaphylaxis of evil

Day 17.

I wanted to eat this just because of the name. That and the fact that it is pretty much a banh mi, which I love.

It is hard to review this sandwich. It is great, but it is up against the banh mi at Trang Bakery for less than half the price. That makes for some stiff competition. So I am going to pretend that the Trang banh mi doesn’t exist, and review this sandwich in isolation. Like all banh mi it is a winner.

I think that banh mi are the champions of the sandwich world, a perfect cross cultural marriage of French bread and South East Asian flavours. The Smith & Deli version comes in a crunchy sourdough roll with spicy chilli, a delicious coconutty peanut sauce and crispy fried tofu, plus some pickled carrot and daikon, fresh cucumber, bean shoots and coriander.

It is delicious and the decent bread puts it slightly more up market than a regular banh mi. And it gets an extra point because of the name!


Smith & Deli
111 Moor St
Fitzroy, 3065

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