eat all the smith & deli sandwiches – #15, souvlaki

eat all the smith & deli sandwiches – #15, souvlaki

Day 15.

Smith & Deli are determined to make my mission to eat all the sandwiches on their menu difficult. I headed in to buy another sandwich off the board. It was going to be a Free Willy 2 (a tuna melt), but one of the staff INSISTED I had to get the special, a souvlaki. Wow! were they right.

This is a ripper, and I am sorry if it doesn’t appear again since everyone should have the opportunity to eat one at least once.

Lamb spiced with chilli and oregano, herbed almond feta, onions, tomato and iceberg lettuce, all wrapped in toasted lebanese bread…

Good, good, good.


Smith & Deli
111 Moor St
Fitzroy, 3065

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7 thoughts on “eat all the smith & deli sandwiches – #15, souvlaki”

  • Hi guys, I’d love to visit soon. Trying to turn vegan. Only a small suggestion. I’m Greek, and Greek souvlaki contains fried chips inside. Not very healthy, but vegan and yum! Can you make it an option for the ones who like and request their souvlaki with chips inside? thanks!

  • That does look wonderful! I was never really a souvlaki eater in my pre-veg days, but I’ve been enjoying a few of their veg equivalents. The one at the Cornish Arms is pretty great, although it doesn’t attempt to replace the feta like you S&D one.

  • You will have to come visit me in Kyneton I make a mean sovalaki 🙂 among other things
    But s&d’s version looks amazing

  • I saw they had this recently – sounds amazing! They almost have too many things – I always see amazing things on their instagram but they are never there when I’m in. Not that there’s any shortage of treats going..

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