butter me up – half pint vegan dairy butter

butter me up – half pint vegan dairy butter

Regular readers of the blog  might have noticed a few references recently to Half Pint Vegan Dairy butter. I am so in love with this butter that I thought it deserved a short post of its own. I’m onto my third tub.

I originally bought a tub to do some baking. Butter behaves differently in baking because it is hard when chilled, unlike margarine. This is important to make anything that requires the butter to be layered such as pastry and croissants. Margarine just melts so no layers are formed. Anyway to cut a long story short I didn’t end up doing any baking, I just scoffed the lot. On toast, on crumpets, in dhal, in sandwiches.

I love it.  I love its cute retro packaging. I love that it has a short list of recognisable ingredients.  I love that it is locally made by a small business.  And most importantly it tastes good.

I will get round to baking with it at some point, but meanwhile I am enjoying it just on its own.

I got mine at Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery. It is also available at The Cruelty Free Shop, Terra Madre and the Prahran Convenience Store.

Be warned, it is addictive.  🙂


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  • Agree! This stuff is delicious and addictive. Very similar texture and flavour to cows milk butter. Great slathered on toast. Must buy some crumpets!

  • Hi. I love ‘Butter Me Up’ non dairy butter which I usually purchase at The Cruelty Free Shop in Brunswick St, but they have no supplies at this time. I’m told that the producer is having difficulty in maintaining the butter’s longlife properties, especially when delivery it to Qld. As I travel a long way to buy Butter Me Up butter I purchase it in quantities and freeze it. I have had no problem at all. It freezes and thaws perfectly, so instead of altering the winning formula, why not send it to other states by using refrigeration transport. This butter is perfect just the way it is. I’ve been searching for a vegan butter that is so similar to dairy butter, and passes the test of spreading on toast with vegemite, and using it in mashed potatoes. It’s subtle taste does not overpower other flavours, just like dairy butter. SO PLEASE DON’T CHANGE THE FORMULA. Why fix something that’s not broken. Anyway I hope you work it out without altering your winning formula or/and without adding undesirable ingredients. Please don’t follow the road of the bigger greed driven companies. Kindest regards, Annie Vincent x

    • Hi Annie, I love it too. When they announced on their facebook page that they were having a short break in supply due to a holdup in their delivery of coconut oil I bought a couple of tubs and froze one. I agree it works perfectly. I suggest you post your comments on their facebook page, though I really doubt they will change the flavour. I love it as it is too. The butter will be back soon. I asked on the facebook page the other day.

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