another visit to maha

another visit to maha

Early in March, sixteen members of our vegan dining group got together to eat at Maha.

Maha is one of my favourite fine dining restaurants and they look after vegans incredibly well.

We started with a visit to the table from Shane Delia. He said that they no longer have a vegetarian menu but a vegan menu with vegetarian additions. This is such a wonderful approach. I have eaten far too many vegan dishes that started life as vegetarian with all the flavour removed. He also said that the chefs in the kitchen all like the challenge of cooking for vegans. It was great to see vegan food taken seriously.

We ordered the five course banquet at $95.  Here is what we ate. Unfortunately the batteries on my camera were flat so all I have are photos from my phone.

We started with two shared plates, some spiced chickpea chips and carrots dressed with lemon.

Next came the individual plates.

Zucchini falafel with spiced pumpkin puree, tomato and zataar sesame wafer.

zucchini falafel with tomato, pumpkin puree and zataar and sesame bread

Next a beautiful dish of grilled baby corn,  enoki mushrooms and hazelnuts on a cauliflower puree.

grilled baby corn, enoki mushrooms, hazelnuts with cauliflower puree

The next dish was probably the dish of the night for most of us. Grilled asparagus on a truffled fava puree with a hint of chilli in the dressing, crispy almonds and a toasted walnut crumb. If this was my last meal on earth I’d be happy. A perfect combination of flavours and textures,

asparagus, truffled fava bean puree, almonds and walnut crumbMore shared plates followed.

These included roasted ras el hanout pumpkin, radishes and mint. A fattoush salad which was incredibly delicious with its tart flavours. A rice pilaf with toasted pumpkin seeds. And lastly some red lentil stuffed manti (Turkish dumplings) with a carrot puree and aleppo pepper dressing.


Dessert was a pistachio sponge with pineapple foam and a watermelon and rosewater granita.

pistachio sponge, pineapple foam and watermelon granita

Those of us who’ve been lucky enough to eat at Maha before, know how delicious the turkish delight stuffed donuts are,  so we ordered a donut each.

donuts with turkish delight stuffing and walnuts

Maha is so good for vegans. Delicious flavours and a combination of rustic and refined food at what I think is a very reasonable price for the quality. Lunch is a particular bargain at around half the price of dinner with similar food.

I’ve been three times and I’d always be happy to go again. Now I just need to work out how to make that truffled fava puree…


21 Bond St, Melbourne


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