admiral cheng-ho – 2

admiral cheng-ho – 2

I made another stop at Admiral Cheng-Ho for lunch on my way to my regular volunteering gig at Fareshare.

This time I decided NOT to have the fritters, even though I love them. I ordered the African Beans instead. They came with good sourdough toast, avocado and an almond feta. The beans themselves were OK, but really I’d have to class this as my first food disappointment at Admiral Cheng-Ho.  I didn’t really like the spicing and there were some lurking bits of not very well cooked eggplant. To be fair, I have a complete terror of undercooked eggplant.

But I could forgive those small failings because the beans were utterly lifted by the beautifully smooth and tart almond feta that came with them. I’m happy to see that the feta appears in a few other items on the menu too.

The exciting news about Admiral Cheng-Ho is that they’ve changed their menu so that it is no longer vegetarian with a vegan option. It is now vegan with a vegetarian option. So, for example, my beans came with the almond feta as the default with dairy feta available as an option! Nice to be the norm for a change. 🙂


Admiral Cheng-Ho
325 Johnston St,
Abbotsford, 3067


6 thoughts on “admiral cheng-ho – 2”

  • I made it here FINALLY the other day, and actually had this dish too. The feta was superb, and I really enjoyed the beans too – I’m not scared of eggplant 🙂
    If I had this dish again though, I’d ask for the toast on the side as it was pretty soggy and I hate soggy toast. And I actually didn’t like the coffee. But the range of dishes was amazing so I’ll definitely go back to work my way through the menu!

  • Almond feta sounds interesting! What does it taste it? I am thinking of volunteering at Fareshare, went online to their site, but it looks like theres a waiting list for it. Do you have any other recommendations for places I can volunteer at? Thanks!

    • Feta was just great. Partly my fault with the beans, I don’t really much like north African spicing so I probably shouldn’t have ordered it. Other people have said they loved it. But for me it is hard to go past those zucchini fritters.

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