bread, butter, cheese and a sandwich

On one of the coldest days last week, I spent the day cooking.  I made a loaf of bread, some bread rolls, butter and cheese. I know it is relatively easy to buy all these things in Melbourne, but I find a lot of pleasure in making the most basic foods like these. I make bread the most often, because the no knead recipe is so simple, and the results are so rewarding.

I’ve only made vegan butter once,  before the arrival of Half Pint Vegan Dairy butter.  But with no butter available at the moment from Half Pint, I decided I’d make some. The recipe I used is the one at I make cheese probably once a month, and live in hope that I will finally make the perfect vegan cheese. I’m still trying. 🙂 In the meantime I’ve settled on this one. At the end I had a very nice cheese and tomato crunchy roll with some sprouts for lunch. Sometimes simple pleasures are the best.


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  • You’ll be sitting on a goldmine if you can create the perfect vegan cheese! By the way, we tasted our batch of cashew cheese today and my daughter announced that it tastes “EXACTLY like Botanical Cuisine!” And said I shouldn’t be surprised if she eats it all before I get home from work. (She’d better not!) I think I’ll have to encourage her to make it for us.

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