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September 2013

Hi, I’m Rosalie and I live in Melbourne, Australia and I love gardening, cooking and eating. I have two adorable grandchildren, a cat, Patsy and a dog, Jessie.

After some gentle prodding from my friend, I stopped eating meat in late 2012 and ditched eggs and dairy progressively after about another 6 months.  I might be late to becoming a vegan, but I am proof it is never too late to start.

I LOVE food, from comfort food to fine dining, and although sometimes it hasn’t been easy, in the end I couldn’t justify killing just to satisfy my palate. I also care about the planet and eating meat has such a huge environmental impact.

This blog isn’t just for vegans. It is for anyone that loves food. Being vegan is no reason to eat bad food.

I’ve been experimenting with veganising some old favourites and creating some new ones, as well as dining out. Any recipe failures are always appreciated by Jessie.

Where possible I’m trying to eat what is in season, especially from my garden.



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